How to Get a Good Name for Your Brand

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Purchasing a domain name is not such a difficult task. The difficulty is to get hold of a good brand name that you are going to build in a course of time.

For any website, the brand image and brand name is the most important thing in the heart and mind of its customers. So, before going into the process of how to register a domain name, let me suggest you a website which is used to generate a brand name.

The name is panabee.com. It generates a list of domain names and domain ideas that you can get to register your domain name. The beauty of Panabee is that you just need to enter the type of product or keyword or brand name ideas that you have already got. Then Panabee will generate a list of names and its alternatives, which you can use it for your website/e-commerce site.

After entering our keyword name (I used webstyle) Panabee will display keyword name together to heart symbol (see figure 2.1) so we will know if this domain is already taken or not. The blue hearts are domain names that are available. And for each suggestion, Panabee gives a meaning to. For example: Append ‘ly‘, which denotes letters ‘ly‘ is append with webstyle, which webstylely (see below figure 2.2).

panabee domain name

figure 2

I think the prettiest suggestion is webstylify (see below figure 3.1), it replaces ‘e‘ of webstyle with ‘ify‘. It’s a good alternative to webstyle. People can remember it easly and you can build the brand upon it. So type your keyword or brand name here, get your suggestion and buy the domain. To buy the domain, go to any of the alternatives that I have mentioned in the previous post.

panabee domain name webstilify

figure 3

Then enter your suggest domain name into Search Domain field. Click Search Domain button. See, as Panabee said, the webstylify.com domain is available, since heart hasn’t broken. And it’s available in GoDaddy too. That too for the price of €0.99 for the first year. In case of e-commerce site, it’s a general practice to buy the most commonly know extensions so that we may avoid several issues in the future.

For example, if you bought the domain webstylify.com and within a span of 2 years you could have developed pretty good brand with the name webstylify.com. Several people who try damage your brand name buy webstylify.com, webstylify.org and they may replicate a website similar to yours, trying to steal the visitors or damaging the reputation you have built. So it is always recommended to buy all sets of commonly know extensions for your site domain. Click select, then click continue to cart. As I said in the previous post, Google domain offers protection to your personal domains by default for the rate of 12$ per month.

Though GoDaddy offers you domain name for €0.99, it adds another €7.99 (see figure 5) per year to offer you the privacy protection. If you ask what the privacy protection is, then you should know a particular website called who.is. You can look up the contact details such as personal email address, local address of the business, of any domain owner in this Who.is website.

You can get all details that are available about each website here. Let’s see for Microsoft.com. The website is registered only in 1991 and it expired on 2021. The servers are hosted in these IP addresses. We can see the registrant city, street, organization everything, which means Microsoft has not got privacy protection.

For popular domains this may not be a deal, but if you buy a fresh domain it’s advisable to buy a privacy protection because many spammers will get your details from this website whois.com and will be continuously sending you spam e-mails. To protect it you can buy privacy information protection.

If you are ok with spam e-mails or just filtering those mails to your junk box, then this is not needed. One thing I need to say you is, never buy a domain from the hosting provider. This is because when you want to transfer hosting to another hosting provider in a future date, then it becomes a big hassle to you. So always buy a domain from a separate domain registrar so that you can easily transfer your name server when you’ll transfer your hosting. So don’t like website builder or hosting. For an e-commerce site, a professional e-mail is a must, which means you should get an e-mail in your domain name.

For example, if you get a domain name webstilify.com, then you should register an e-mail aboutus@webstylify.com. Once you bought your domain name from GoDaddy, you can create email for your domain name from your domain registrar’s use admin area or you can even buy Google apps for work and link your domain to create email accounts, which is far better when compared to any domain registrar’s email accounts. Not only email, Google offers many more things compared to other domain registrars such as GoDaddy, etc..

You get a shared Google Drive space and you get Google Office Apps such as docs, excels, etc.. You can do a lot more with Google Apps for Work. To see the pricing click pricing. In Europe area apps is available for just €4 per month, whereas Google offers unlimited storage for just €8 per month. It’s advisable to get Google Apps for Work along with your domain name. Don’t buy your Google Apps before buying a domain name. First, buy your domain and then you can easily link your domain with Google Apps for Work.

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